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AIRETOS ® : OEM for RF modular designs and wireless platforms.
OxfordTEC ® : manufacturer of antennas, radio frequency connectors, cable assemblies and RF connector adapters
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VoxMicro is a leading technology group with prime focus in radio-frequency components, platforms and other wifi network solutions for home, business, industrial and embedded applications.

The VoxMicro Group with locations in North America, Europe and the Far East has an 80%-24 hour outreach to core population and financial and logistic backing to support a FACTORY-DIRECT access to all B2B customer base.

VoxMicro with its sectorial brands OxfordTEC ® and AIRETOS ® has supported hundreds of hardware designers and OEM business to develop, cost-down, ramp-up and successfully manufacture their equipment throughout production and lifespan.

• • • OxfordTEC ® ( is a renowned manufacturer of antennas, radio frequency connectors, cable assemblies and RF connector adapters with ISO certified production facilities in Taiwan.

OxfordTEC provides:
• 1000 short lead time products
• capability for swift new project development
• flexible product customisation
• up-to military or space grade RF components (ie MIL-STD-39012)

OxfordTEC also supports on-demand design, testing, material planning, production and value added distribution for variety RF modular and wireless platform products from selected valued partners.

• • • AIRETOS ( is an OEM brand for RF modular designs and wireless platforms, that provides:

• Identification of key technologies and manufacturing leverage
• Factory-Direct Sales
• Access to world competitive prices
• Easy to obtain samples.

• 80% of Core Markets with 24h Delivery Coverage
• 53% of the cases with better Lead Times than others
• 30% of Key Technologies adopted as Early Partners
• 5% of Revenue invested in Innovation and R&D